The Classic Rock All-Stars

Supergroup formed from founding members of Blues Image, Rare Earth, Sugarloaf, and Cannibal and the Headhunters.  These guys really rock and put on a great live show...Mike Pinera still plays guitar like a Million $$$ and Pete Rivera and Jerry Corbetta still sing and play just like you remember 30 years ago...and you'd be hard pressed to find a better bass player than Dennis Noda.  If you get a chance to catch them in concert, don't miss the opportunity.  They're a real tight band, and are doing a great job to keep their music alive.

The Classic Rock All-Stars I (1990 - ? )
  • Mike Pinera - guitar/vocals - b. September 29, 1948, Tampa, Florida - formerly with Blues Image, Iron Butterfly, Ramatam, The New Cactus Band, Thee Image, and Alice Cooper.
  • Spencer Davis - guitar/vocals - b. July 17, 1942, Swansea, Wales - formerly with The Spencer Davis Group.
  • Jerry Corbetta - keyboards/vocals - formerly with Sugarloaf and The Four Seasons.
  • Dennis Noda - bass/vocals - formerly with Cannibal and the Headhunters.
  • Pete Hoorelbeke (aka, Pete Rivera) - drums/vocals - formerly with Rare Earth.
  1. "The Classic Rock All-Stars" (live) (1994)

The Classic Rock All-Stars II ( ? - Present)
  • Mike Pinera - guitar/vocals
  • Jerry Corbetta - keyboards/vocals
  • Dennis Noda - bass/vocals
  • Pete Hoorelbeke (aka, Pete Rivera) - drums/vocals
  1. "Hits And Nothin' But The Hits" (live) (2-CDs) (2000) - you'll have to order this from The Classic Rock All-Stars website.


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